4 Nauki Avenue Kharkiv, 61022 UKRAINE

International cooperation

The increasing impact of science and research in the world, as well as heterogeneity and internationalization of higher education, demands university to prove its efforts structure and recognition. KNMU has prospered day by day in the phenomena of the globalization of education.

The international cooperation of the KNMU is one of the most important components of its activity and is developed within a unified process of the Ukrainian higher school integration into the world higher education system. KNMU is listed in the World Health Organization’s directory of medical schools, it has been a member of the International Association of Universities (under the aegis of UNESCO) since 1998; it is a co-founder of the Ukrainian-German Medical Association and of the Ukrainian Association of Gender Medicine.

International cooperation of the KNMU is carried out in the following fields:

  • educational services for foreign students;
  • participation in international  programmes, conferences, seminars, symposia;
  • inter-institutional cooperation.

The expanding geography of international links, the will of foreign universities to cooperate with KhNMU, the cooperative attendance of the University into the work of many international academic organizations are recognizable signs of the University’s sizable reputation on the international arena of education. Furthermore increasing intake of foreigner students every year at Kharkov national medical university is evidence of university’s educational standard.